Introduction to boutique hotels

There’s been a huge interest for boutique hotels in the recent years, so many properties like to claim they are one. Well, there are no official definitions of what a boutique hotel is, but usually people associate them with petite size. That is, the number of rooms in boutique hotels is small, but this is not always true. For example, boutique hotels in Boston often have a high room count and try to label themselves as “boutique” in other ways.

A photo of boutique hotel.

Indeed, another definition of a boutique hotel is contemporary, unique design. This has traditionally been a strong point for family-owned hotels rather than large multinational chains whose properties tend to look the same, no matter where in the world you go. Yet recently, after big chains such as Hilton sniffed the rising popularity of boutique hotels, they too decided to change some of their hotels to match stylish and funky decorations.

Where can I find boutique hotels?

You can find these accommodations anywhere in the world, but it is often said that Manhattan in New York City is the number one place for these hotels. That is understandable – after all, the Big Apple is one of the most visited cities in the world – however also other areas such as Boston have also seen the rise of boutique hotels. Overseas, cities with a lot of these hotels include London, Amsterdam and Budapest.

Should I stay in one?

Definitely, if you want to try something different than a big, sterile hotel chain! Boutique hotels often feature unique design and professional staff, two things that most guests probably like. In fact, this site was made so you could find a top-class property easily!

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