What Is a Boutique Hotel?

Article explaining what is a boutique hotelIn this era, not everybody wants to visit hotels that look the same. Many people want experiences from their trips, and while activities, restaurants and nightlife are a good source for these experiences, also your accommodation can play a big role in this. A boutique hotel could be something to think about, and in this post I’ll let you know what they are.


The often-touted description of boutique hotel is small size. While this is often true, especially in North America these hotels aren’t always small – many of the properties have much more than 100 rooms, the common limit to differentiate boutique hotel from a regular one. These hotels with many rooms have other qualities that make them “boutique”, but it’s safe to assume that if your hotel is small, it has a good chance of being boutique. In any case, having a large number of rooms doesn’t rule out this possibility, as this Boston hotel proves.


Well, this one is tough to put in words because everyone has their own taste. Obviously, boutique hotels are decorated in an inspiring, different and sometimes even in a quirky manner. It’s something you don’t normally see in a big hotel chain. The boutique hotel might have some kind of theme, some kind of color that catches guests’ eye. There are many ways to skin a cat, and for example The Boxer hotel uses industrial furnishings to give their accommodation that boutique feel.

Chain or no chain?

One can easily assume that all boutique hotels are independently owned businesses. I must tell you, that is not true anymore. Many hotel chains such as Hilton and Loews have entered this niche, and with their massive resources made some of their assets boutique hotels. So, you can not really know by the name of the owner whether the hotel is boutique or not. Nonetheless, many times you can “feel” that there is a big chain behind the hotel – no matter the decoration – so independently owned property could be your best bet.

Confused yet?

So, now you’ve read that boutique hotels can be big or small, can be owned by hotel chain or not, and they have many different styles. So how do you for sure spot one then? In addition to the above hints, I suggest you to read reviews from guests who’ve stayed at these hotels. Also this website is a good starting point because the hotels here have been hand-picked and carefully examined. You will only find the best boutique hotels with us!