Ames Hotel

The Ames boutique hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.

Ames Hotel in Boston is owned by Hilton, but don’t let that scare you. Even though the big chain is behind this property, the building was fully restored 10 years ago, giving it the luxury boutique hotel look it now has. There are over 100 rooms in this hotel, and it’s located right in the middle of Boston.

What people who stayed here liked about

Location – You can’t get much more central location than this. You can reach the Haymarket square in 10 minutes by foot. The State Street subway station (orange line) is 200ft away. Simply put, it’s situated in the heart of Downtown, all the main sights are very close.

Comfortable rooms – As you can expect from a Hilton hotel, the rooms are pristine. People said they are spotless, comfortable and large enough. Many even noted the luxurious feel, that’s indeed something this big hotel brand knows very well.

Staff – The Hilton quality shows in staff, too. According to guest reports, they’re professional and can deal with every problem the guests may have. That being said, great staff is a common thing in any first-class hotels in Boston, but it’s good to know that also in this hotel the employees know what to do and how to behave.

Gym – The hotel has a gym with elliptical machines, treadmills and dumbbells.

What people who stayed here didn’t like

Traffic noise – Depending on where in the building your room is situated, you might hear noise. The central location means that there are more than enough cars on the streets, and also some people said the subway can be heard rumbling as well.

No coffee machine – Few guests complained the room doesn’t have coffee machine or kettle.

Extra costs – Especially in Hilton hotels “extra” things might be a bit expensive. One person said the valet was pricey, also the water bottle in room was said to cost 8-10 dollars.

Fastest way to get to downtown

Walk State Street and Congress street, it’s about 10 minutes to reach Haymarket.