The Envoy Hotel

The Envoy boutique hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Envoy is a boutique hotel on the other side of Fort Point Channel. Located in the Waterfront area, the property is owned by the Marriot chain and it offers 130 rooms for guests to stay in. Ideally, a person who likes the seaside and harbors would find this hotel a most pleasant stay!

What people who stayed here liked about

Location – Even though the hotel isn’t right in the center (you have to cross the small channel), many people still loved the location of this property. At any rate, South Station is a 10-min walk away, and from there you can catch bus to the Logan airport.

Staff – I’ve seen this about any boutique hotel in Boston, but also The Envoy gets its share of professional and helpful staff. People working at front desk could find a solution to problems the guests had, the reviews said.

Design – More than few people praised the hotel and its rooms for unique, original design. It’s just something you would expect from a real boutique hotel, isn’t it! Click on the photo above to see more how this property looks.

Rooftop bar – Many people liked the rooftop bar, and you can supposedly jump the line by flashing your room card.

What people who stayed here didn’t like

Possibly noisy – The rooftop bar might be wonderful, but you might hear the music and drunken people to your room, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Many guests complained about this.

Parking expensive – Some hotels in Boston charge a lot for parking, so does this place. It costs about 50 USD per day.

No coffee maker – The rooms don’t have facilities for making tea or coffee.

Pricey – For the reasons mentioned above, some people thought the hotel doesn’t offer value what you would expect to get for paying this much.

Fastest way to get to downtown

Just walk, it takes around 20 minutes to reach Haymarket.