Fifteen Beacon Hotel

The Fifteen Beacon boutique hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Fifteen Beacon Hotel is located right in the middle of the city, in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, just one block from the Boston Common park. For a hotel of this city, it’s quite compact, offering 60 rooms for guests to stay in. You might also want to know the Beacon Hill has received one of the best reviews of boutique hotels in Boston!

What people who stayed here liked about

Location can’t get better – Undoubtedly, this is one of the best hotels when it comes to location. Everything is close: the park, Haymarket, Old Town. Various subway stations are near for easy traveling, but because of the central location everything can be reached by foot as well!

Exceptional staff – While the staff in every serious Boston hotel is great, it was said that in this hotel they went to great lengths to make the guests feel welcome. Door men, front desk clerks and housekeepers all knew how to make people want to come back to this property!

Great interiors – Many guests left positive comments about the unique and elegant interiors of this property. But what else can you expect from a first-class boutique hotel!

Free car & driving service – There seems to be a courtesy car available in this hotel, the driver takes you to different locations in the city for free.

Great food in restaurant – They have a restaurant in the hotel, it’s called Mooo, and more than few reviewers said it has great food.

What people who stayed here didn’t like

No coffee in rooms – Not only the sin of this particular hotel, but indeed they don’t offer tea or coffee making facilities in the rooms.

Expensive – Some were not happy about the price of this hotel, but I must tell you: Boston is an expensive city. Parking costs 45 dollars a day, it’s a lot of money, but many hotels in the city charge this or even a tad more.

Fastest way to get to downtown

Just walk, it’s less than half a mile to Haymarket.